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Our networking cards use NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to store and transmit user information. When tapped on an NFC-enabled smartphone, the card’s data is read and displayed to the recipient.


You can choose from one of the available concepts and customize the design elements by choosing from our branded card series with limited customization options or the custom card series that allows full design customization, including adding your logo and details.

We also offer premium card designing service if you were looking to create your own unique concept.

No app download is required. You can access all ‘waiv’ features, including OneLynk, through a standard web browser, making it convenient to use on the go.

No, we’ve kept it in mind while designing our plans that the features required for the functionality of ‘waiv’ cards to work remain always free. However, a pro plan offers additional customization options and features for your OneLynk profile and with your purchase, you receive a complimentary membership upgrade!

We wanted to facilitate much more than just contact sharing. With our networking cards, users can share various details like links, and media with a simple tap on a smartphone, eliminating the limitations of paper-based business cards while being environmentally friendly.

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OneLynk is our software platform that enables advanced customization and control over your profile and data. It enhances your ‘waiv’ card’s functionality by allowing you to create and control your personalized mini landing page.

Our cards require an NFC-enabled smartphone for NFC interactions. However, QR code sharing is available for all devices, ensuring compatibility with the majority of smartphones.

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